Face 2 Face

Technology is becoming a greater force within our society; everyday we are becoming more dependent on it. Set 20 years in the future, we see the story of Ben and Emma who are different from the norm. They share one thing in common: the desire to escape from this high tech world, which is easier said than done. But no matter how much you rely on technology, you cannot dispute the true power of human connection.


Ben: David Sewell

Emma: Sophie Hurst

Adonis: Josh Arow

Susan/Lisa: Larissa Oates

Charlie/Jack/Customer 2: Luke Mazzamuto

Jane/Alex/Customer 1: Aimee Rose Wooding


Director/Writer: Luke Mazzamuto

Assistant Director: Megan Lloyd-Jones and Sophie Hurst

Technician: Gianluca Zona

Music: Gerard Day

Lyrics: Rachelle Ruby Foster

Producers: Sophie Hurst and Luke Mazzamuto

About the Company: Two Stones One Bird

We are Two Stones One Bird – a new theatre group created in April 2016 – We are making new and original pieces of theatre!

We love working with all kinds of artists who strive to create something incredible and will work hard to achieve this, making it the best thing anyone has ever seen.

Production Details

    Run Time:
  • One Act: 50 mins

  • Age Restrictions:
  • 15

  • Tickets:
  • £10.00 Edinburgh Previews
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  • Sun 22nd Jul 2018 - 7:00 pm
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