12 womxn share intimate stories of love, death, sex, and relationships.

A night of powerful monologues celebrating all womxn and raising awareness of mental health, well-being and community inclusion. Through the lens of womxn's personal journeys and experiences, shared in an intimate space.

After their huge success in the Brighton Fringe 2023, WOMXN TALKING comes to London for a powerful, one-night performance on diversity, feminism, neurodiversity & sexuality.

‘Powerful’- ‘Emotionally touching’ - ‘Completely absorbing’ - ‘Cathartic storytelling’

A co-production of tríada theatre company and Tanglehead productions.


Use code MIND to see both WOMXN TALKING and MEN TALKING for just £25 (applies to full price tickets only)

Theatre Company Reviews:

"...an enjoyable and powerful experience that left the audience feeling moved and inspired" - Yael Breuer, Latest TV

"Their diverse perspectives and experiences created a sense of identity, empathy and understanding among the audience and the collaborative nature of the evening emphasised the power of solidarity and community and served as a reminder that we are stronger when we stand together" - Yael Breuer, Latest TV

Production Details

Run Time:

  • One Act: 90 mins

Age Restrictions:

  • 12