Game Night

It’s a snowy winter evening in this situational London comedy and Michael has invited his closest friends over for a thoroughly planned out games night to announce the news of his engagement to his fiancé Jacob. But with his eccentric and trouble-riddled friends arriving along with spiteful in-laws crashing it doesn’t exactly go to plan. Trapped in a house together, more alcohol being drank and more secrets revealed, will Michael and Jacob even make it down the aisle?! 

Sexual. Bold. Hilarious.


Michael: Adam Hannigan

Kate: Amelie Rose

Claire: Tiffany Robinson

Rory: Ryan Mc Gonagle

Jacob: James Labdarbs

Tom: Jimmy Jameson

Shane: Blair Gibson


Director/Writer/Co-Founder: Adam Hannigan

Editor/Costume Designer/Co-Founder: Amelie Rose

Editor/Producer/Co-Founder: Tiffany Robinson


About the Company: Ear To Ear Productions

Ear to Ear Productions are a new company based in East London. The theatre company were established in September 2014, between three final degree (Acting for Stage and Media) students.The creative team, have all worked with each other previously in shows for a couple of years and have a good working relationship. 

We have new writing and find our pieces although are light hearted and comical have underlining themes. These underlining themes can vary from self acceptance to do with sexuality or just self acceptance within society.

We are currently trying to broaden our following and will be touring our current pieces round fringes and other venues.
The name Ear to Ear Productions was originated when writing the recent piece. It is a symbolism for smiling so that would explain the Ear to Ear. 

We make sure to offer something for everyone. Take a look at our upcoming performances and book your seats today.

Company Reviews

"This is one of the best theatre productions I have seen, I am always entertained with their work, from the comical and sexual undertones to the twist and turns of the tales. I would love to see their work produced on a bigger scale and for a wider audience to experience the laughter and love of the characters."

Michaela Clarke

"If you missed out on watching this amazing comedy put on by Ear to Ear Productions, you really missed out on a treat. The actors in this show were all a comedical genius and they all showed their own uniqueness which was exhibited clearly through their characters"

Iyaf_Kingston (Instagram)

Production Details

    Run Time:
  • One Act: 90 mins

  • Age Restrictions:
  • 18

  • Tickets:
  • £10.00 Standard
  • £8.00 Concession
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  • Sun 25th Mar 2018 - 5:00 pm
  • Sun 25th Mar 2018 - 7:30 pm
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